• Custom Tracking Fields
  • Custom Reporting
  • Critical Dates and Timelines
  • HIPAA Compliance Tracking
  • Multiple Case Types 
  • Document/File Storage

hirts benefits

Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.



HIRTS has improved incident reporting from the clinical setting helping to more rapidly identify issues and tweak processes..."


We identify technology, training, and processes to take your team to the next level of innovation and efficient/effective case tracking. 



Mark d. britton,

St. Vincent Dunn Hospital

"I have found the HIRTS system to be very user friendly in the recording of on the job injuries for my staff members...its ease of use doesn't require me to "relearn" it every time I log on.  It gives the user all applicable information and ample room for necessary comments..."

HIRTS.NET uses free consultations, interviews, and test systems to conduct a comprehensive review of your exact tracking needs.

What is hirts? 

HIRTS (Healthcare Incident Reporting & Tracking System) is the simplest to use breakthrough in health care management.  It is a web-based software system operating in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment.  You can access your HIRTS from any computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet.  

HIRTS is designed to assist healthcare organizations, hospitals and professionals report, track and analyze incidents.  Incidents are tracked by type, such as HIPAA, customer complaints, employee injury, environment of care, exposures, falls, medication errors, and various other issue types.  After an incident is entered into HIRTS, an email is automatically sent to the relevant individual(s) with notification of the case.  

Reporting is available to produce incident summary information and track incidents that are awaiting review.  Custom reporting can be implemented for your specific needs and custom forms can be built and generated based on your entered criteria.  For example, if you have a legal document that is generated when a HIPAA violation comes through your system, we can customize your HIRTS to automatically generate that exact document.  Information within HIRTS is secured by SSL encryption and is available only to those with secure access.  Multiple user-permission levels are available and customizable.

OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE the solution - online successful case tracking since 1998

Our professional staff includes a team with special expertise in Software as a Service, custom application software development, healthcare software and extremely sensitive case management software tracking.

HIRTS.NET monitors Key Performance Indicators at continuous intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.


Jennifer Embree, Chief Nursing Officer